Losing the privileges of the boardroom for the stability of the staffroom

Following from Gerry’s blog post on the recession (see http://eteach-blog.blogspot.com/2009/01/recession-proof-as-teaching-is-its-not.html), Sky News reported that during this tough period, there has been a massive surge in people opting for a career in teaching. Sky News revealed yesterday morning that enquiries for teaching were up by 40%, and there has been a 5% increase on the number of over 25s on teacher training courses. Additionally maths teachers numbers are up by 25%, which historically as we know has been in high demand.

What are views on the stats revealed in the Sky News yesterday. Is teaching the solution to survive the recession period? Should we challenge, the ethics and reasoning’s, behind why people make that choice of becoming a teacher. What are your views on experienced workers outside the world of education sector integrating in the education sector? How many of these will run back to the boardroom when the market gets better? does that matter? Are they really committed to the job ?

We thought these findings were very interesting. As rewarding as teaching is, we’d love to hear your views and thoughts on what was announced today.

One thought on “Losing the privileges of the boardroom for the stability of the staffroom

  1. You short sell those who have chosen to make a mid – life career change. They may very well have stronger and better developed reasons to move into teaching than those of a 23 year old fresh off the block.

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