Make your move – the time is now

Like chess, getting ahead in your teaching career is all about strategically putting yourself in the right space at the right time.

The teaching career path particularly can be speedy and rewarding for proactive professionals willing to make the right moves.

Could you accelerate your own career by taking your talent further afield?  Here are a few reasons you should seriously consider it:

Accelerated career progression

In London and some other large cities, it is normal for teachers to see departmental leadership in 2-4 years and assistant headship soon after. Quite apart from the pay rise, the range of challenges and responsibilities open to you mean that within years, your CV and social profiles could be crammed with a wealth of experience priceless in opening future doors for you.  You didn’t get into this job to see as little variety as possible so reach out for the professional challenge.


With so many schools, heavily-populated areas offer career progression opportunities to achieve speedy salary increases from NQT levels to leadership TLR within the first five years. Additionally, schools in London and cities attract London weighting and ‘fringe’ weighting of several thousand pounds a year to help offset rent costs.

The city buzz

We get so few chances to live in vibrant places and get paid for it, so if you are interested in seeing the social or cultural aspects of life, being able to do so as part of your career path is invaluable; it could be the best change you ever made.

The right place at the right time

Currently in London, Surrey and the home counties, the national teacher recruitment crisis combined with house prices have exerted significant pressure on teachers with families to move away, leaving key gaps which need to be filled. Following Brexit, Schools are also less able to rely on European teachers. Schools are aware more now than ever that they need to offer a competitive CPD proposition to set themselves apart and invest in the development of staff talent. The need for certain shortage subject teachers has reached such levels that some schools are offering relocation packages of £2,000 to cover rental deposits and travel costs for teachers willing to relocate.

Friends and network

Change begets change so don’t be surprised if you make a great many new friends and connections who recognise your talent and open even more new pathways for you. As far as career ownership goes, the teaching path is one where knowledge, experience and a brave attitude count – so take a breath, and make your move today.

To speak about your promotion opportunities and support for taking your talent to a new community, contact us or submit your CV today.

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Author: Katie Newell

Katie Newell

Katie is the Content Manager for and, publishing thought leadership and research results to our 1.6 million candidates and 7,000 member schools. Katie is an ex-primary school teacher, Head of Maths and Head of Year 5 and languages specialist as well as a former PR commentator. Katie feels passionately that teachers are the unsung heroes of society; that a total change to marking culture is the key to achieving a work life balance for the best job in the world; and that homework is a rubbish idea.



One thought on “Make your move – the time is now

  1. Departmental leDership in 2-4 years…. yes.. I have just taught with one of those… not fit for the job and unwilling to take advice from someone who knows… still ….. mess up.. move up as they say….

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