Meet our movie stars!

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We wanted to give inspirational teachers a voice, and launched a nationwide campaign to get you to share your passion – see our teaching stars now! 

Eteach wanted to showcase what it is that makes teaching such a great profession and how eteach has helped teachers further their career. So in November we ran a high level campaign, asking education professionals to volunteer their time and star in our next advertising campaign.

As always we had a great response from our members and 145 teachers applied to be filmed – we then had the very difficult job of choosing a lucky four as our movie stars! We then set out to find out why each individual chose to pursue a career in teaching in their own words.

On a cold Saturday in December we met our stars for a fun day of filming in the beautiful surroundings of Virgo Fidelis School in Croydon. Filming took place in a number of locations across the school and each teacher had about an hour in front of the camera. And what stars they were – natural, very eloquent and extremely positive about teaching.

Meet our stars!

The four teachers who star in our videos are:

  • Lulu Dale, head of drama at an independent school in Surrey. Lulu uses eteach to find relevant jobs for herself and her teacher friends. lulu255x255
  • Sean Britton, a secondary teacher and curriculum manager. He travelled all the way from the Wirral and had to wake up at 5am! Sean got his current job through eteach and prefers job seeking with us as he can search regionally. sean 255x255
  • Elle McAthur, an Early Years teacher at a primary school. She used eteach to make the big move to London from a small village in North Wales ten years ago. Since then Ellie has found various jobs through eteach and says we “helped her to seize the day, and realise her potential”.elle 255x
  • Leann Kleckner, a Canadian supply teacher. Leanne says that eteach helped make her move from Canada much smoother.leann 255

View the videos!

You can see these inspirational videos here on our Facebook, Twitter or visit our YouTube channel

A huge thank you to our four movie stars, to Virgo Fidelis School for hosting the filming, Mother Brown Films for making the videos and our creative team at Minimart

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