Most parents don’t rely on ‘unnecessary’ league tables

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A survey has revealed that less than a third of parents check league tables when choosing a school, but the vast majority are satisfied with teachers!

The NASUWT surveyed over 1,000 parents and found that most of them prefer other sources of information to league tables when choosing a school for their child:
• 54% look online for general information
• 49% read the latest inspection report and
• 53% speak to parents of current pupils.

More than two-thirds of parents said a school’s location – being easily accessible from home or work – was a crucial factor, the BBC reports. Its league table position came far behind a range of qualities including supportive staff, a track record on dealing with bad behaviour and bullying, and good buildings and facilities.

NASUWT general secretary Chris Keates said the survey showed the majority of parents did not share the government’s views on many key education policy issues. “It is clear that punitive ranking of schools in performance league tables is not something on which the majority of parents rely, and therefore schools, parents and children are subjected to this negative annual ritual unnecessarily.”

The think tank Centre Forum welcomed the fact that parents used information on school performance from a variety of sources.”This is a good thing because no single method of assessing how well a school is performing can possibly capture every facet of what that school does,” said James Kempton, associate director for education and social policy.

Ms Keates welcomed the finding that some 87% of parents in the survey were satisfied with their children’s teachers: “The very high level of satisfaction that parents indicate with the quality of their child’s teachers makes all the more outrageous the constant denigration the profession has suffered at the hands of this government, denigration which only ceased when the general election came into view.”

Are you surprised that so few parents rely on league tables when choosing their children’s schools? Do you think league tables truly reflect the success of a school?  Share your views with the Eteach community!

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