MPs suggest paying teachers on performance

MPs on the Education Select Committee have recommended that teachers’ pay should be linked to how much they improve pupils’ performance. 

In their new report, Great teachers, the MPs urge the government to develop a pay system that is tied to the value teachers add to their pupils’ performance. They are concerned that the current system pays poorly performing teachers at the same rate as their more successful colleagues.

If their reforms are accepted, teachers at the top of the scale would receive pay increases based on merit, but the Committee admits that there would be practical and political difficulties.


Graham Stuart MP, Chairman of the Committee, said:”It’s crucial that

we have an educational system which celebrates great teachers, keeps more of them in the classroom, supports their development and gives them greater status and reward.”

Christine Blower, general secretary of the NUT, criticised the recommendation: “Performance related pay is not only inappropriate but divisive. Children and young people differ and class intakes differ from year to year, making it impossible to measure progress in simplistic terms.”

The report also recommends that would-be teachers should be observed in the classroom before being offered a training place, and the creation of a sabbatical scheme for outstanding teachers.

How would you do if your pay was linked to performance? Would a system based on merit be fair? Let us know what you think of the Committee’s recommendations!






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