National Curriculum to include more vocational subjects

Debates surrounding the National Curriculum in schools across England are currently taking place after a report by the House of Commons Education Committee has been published. The report states that boring lessons fuel bad behaviour and therefore schools should provide opportunities for both academic and vocational subjects.

Ministers have said that by doing this, schools will be free to deliver a curriculum which is better suited to their pupils whilst still ensuring that children leave school with the basic core knowledge which is required.

To support this argument, Ofsted’s last annual report found a correlation between the quality of teaching and behaviour. In schools where teaching was rated good or outstanding, behaviour was also found to be almost always good or outstanding.

Whilst some are in favour of this move, others oppose it and feel that it would cause more harm than good. It has been argued that changing the National Curriculum to support this theory could mean that children actually switch off from learning and will start to misbehave even more. If the curriculum doesn’t stimulate children then they are likely to switch off and disrupt other children’s learning.

With the number of compulsory subjects in the National Curriculum currently being cut, it is felt that the Government now needs to draw up a new curriculum which engages all pupils, provides them with all the required knowledge that they need and then lets teachers decide how they want to apply this in their lessons.

What do you think about the proposed changes to the National Curriculum in England? Do you think that offering more vocational subjects will help pupils to engage in subjects they enjoy or will it just provide a distraction from the academic subjects they should be focussing on? Let us know.

One thought on “National Curriculum to include more vocational subjects

  1. As it is the teachers who know the children and how they respond to a lesson, maybe the teachers could decide how and when this is an appropriate way of teaching. I agree in giving the teachers that choice as boring lessons do promote bad behavior. Where will it all end up though? Separate schools for vocation and academic? Will they end up being labelled. Maybe teachers should have a humor test when applying for teaching jobs. Lessons can be so easily made fun and interesting by putting a little extra thought and having some empathy for the kids. When teachers are blinkered and set in the old school ways, nothing gets learnt. Open up, look around you, feel your surroundings, test the water with the kids and then maybe there can be some great lessons and we wont have to waste time in making the choice to separate the un-learners to academy lessons. Smile and the world smiles back:)

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