New ‘apprentice for each foreign worker’ scheme

Ed Miliband has said that if Labour wins the election, companies will be forced to train a British apprentice for every foreign worker they take on.

The Labour leader claimed that the policy, which would apply to immigrants from outside the EU who are offered a skilled job that cannot be filled by a settled worker, would create high-quality apprenticeships over the next parliament, the BBC reports.

“I want a high-wage British economy, not a low-wage brutish economy, and we’ve got plans to make that happen to drive up skills,” he said, “So we’re going to say to any firm who wants to bring in a foreign worker that they also have to train up someone who’s a local worker, training up the next generation. We think we can create up to 125,000 new apprenticeships over the course of five years. And that is a massive boost in skills for our young people.”

But the Confederation of British Industry warned that the initiative could lead to more red tape. Neil Carberry, its director for education and skills, said: “We’d like to see more apprentices being taken on and agree that training through schemes such as apprenticeships are the long-term answer to skills shortages. If we want to get more businesses offering more apprenticeships, it will be crucial to keep bureaucracy to a minimum and to make sure employers are in the driving seat when it comes to targeting funding.”

Do you think the apprentice for each foreign worker scheme will work, or is it too bureaucratic?

One thought on “New ‘apprentice for each foreign worker’ scheme

  1. I think that this is a great new idea for foreign workers. It will help to bring in new skilled workers and boost the U.K.’s employment rate up for workers in the U.K. Also, I’d like to see more abled and skilled foreign workers come into the U.K. because I’m from the U.S, the U.S. usually gives legal foreign workers a chance. Therefore, it should be the same way in the U.K.

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