New Year, new job? Getting a teaching job online the “social networking way”

Hi, I’m Peter and I’m the Commercial Director for Eteach. I’ll introduce myself at a later stage. I know this is a popular time when a number of us are looking for a new job. There are a number of ways how we find that perfect role. Have you ever thought using social networks online when looking for a job in education?

Here are my tip top tips on job hunting from Eteach through the “social network way.”

– Social networking continues to increasingly becoming the preferred tool for recruitment. If you’re on a social network platform like Facebook, market yourself online, promote your profile and make your career history visible for everyone to see. Why not join our Eteach Facebook Group? Alternatively, Eteach have a Facebook Application to find jobs, so you’ll never need to leave the site!

-You can never have too many friends…LinkedIn is probably one of the most popular social networks for recruiters. Get your profile online and let recruiters come to you. Or why not get in contact with them directly. Any forward thinking educational recruitment agency is bound to have an online social media platform where they can be found easily

– Get involved in the debate- there are a number of well-known blogs, forums and news opinions in the world of education. Your opinion is a pro-active way of demonstrating your views in the education sector. It may also become part of the interview process. Why not start debating on our Eteach blog. Or why not provide advice to your fellow teachers online

– Socialise online and build relationships with people who have similar interests- these are not always necessarily people who work in education. Again, social networks are a great way of networking with fellow peers. You immediately become part of a passive pool of candidates. You could be closer to finding your perfect role in teaching than you thought

-Think outside the box. Don’t be scared to try new ways of finding a job online. Social Networks have been around forever. They are simple tools for anyone and everyone to use… so go on and take advantage of them. Take a look at how fellow educational gurus promote themselves online…it’s now becoming the norm

-Social media platforms allow you to promote yourself on a global and local level. If you didn’t know, Eteach have job vacancies in the UK and Internationally

-Most importantly be honest when self-promoting yourself. Increasing your prospects is key in the world of teaching but most importantly being a trustworthy candidate with integrity increases your chances, through the grape vine online.

Most importantly register with and apply for perfect job. Good Luck!

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