No more cheat Tweets!

With the exam season in full flow, students are being warned that exam boards are watching out for cheating on social media.

Both AQA and OCR are monitoring social media like Twitter to see if students are cheating in exams, the Daily Mail reports.

Previously, questions have been posted online and students have been caught using Twitter to give themselves an advantage in exams and discussing what they’ve done on social media. One user wrote: ‘you know me and my brain. I wasn’t exactly cheating….I was seeing if I could do team work in an exam.’ Another posted: ‘hell yeah I cheated!!! I got 100% in my writing exam! Top tip: sit by the computers they can’t see you there.’

AQA has provided guidance for students about social media, recognising that it can be helpful for revision and preparing for exams. But it warns students that using it inappropriately can result in a loss of marks or even a ban on sitting exams. An AQA spokesperson said: “If we do come across any examples of overstepping the boundaries or of actual cheating, we will step in and investigate. We do this to be fair to all students taking our exams – it isn’t right that anyone has an unfair advantage.”

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