Nominate your Teaching Hero now – join the fun!

The nominations for our Teaching Heroes, who have helped and inspired their pupils, are coming in thick and fast. We’ve seen in the news History teacher David Perkins has definitely gone the extra mile to make his lessons interesting, dressing up as famous figures from the past and filming himself for YouTube – what a hero!

28 year-old teacher David Perkins wanted to present his history lessons in a new way, to stop his class of 11 to 13-year-olds at Duffryn High School in Newport getting bored. He made some costumes, bought matching wigs and then filmed himself acting out the lives of historical figures.

The school’s head of history started with William the Conqueror and King Harold at the Battle of Hastings, followed by Norwegian King Harald Hardrada and Martin Luther. Perhaps David’s biggest challenge is yet to come – he plans to play Queen Elizabeth I next.

His one-man historical dramas are a huge success with his pupils and have become so popular on YouTube that they are getting thousands of hits.

What have you done to make your lessons more interesting? Are you a Teaching Hero?

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