NQT’s- looking for your first teaching post? Find your first job with Eteach.com

NQT’s- looking for your first teaching post? Find your first job with Eteach.com. It can be daunting as well as being an exciting time when searching for your first teaching post. When you become an NQT and you’ve completed your studies, the world is your oyster…. Many of you will go into teaching straightaway, some of you may further your experience by travelling overseas. At some stage you’ll be job hunting. Here is some advice from a fellow teacher job hunter. If you have any more tips you’d like to share with your fellow colleagues let us know! The research….

• Do your homework! Explore teaching opportunities online. Register online with eteach and use our education job search tool to find your ideal job and location and to find out more about the prospective employer online e.g. about the school, inspection report, area information and location

• You’ve worked this hard to become a teacher however it’s a competitive market out there… Be flexible when job hunting- don’t narrow your options by sticking to a specific geographical location…. be prepared to commute and potentially move house, choosing the right job could benefit your career in the long term. Be realistic and don’t put all your eggs in one basket- apply for several roles and widen your options.

• Your CV – Your Brand – what are your unique selling points? Your education, experience, skills and any relevant extracurricular activities which will contribute to the school community… ability to play a musical instrument, swimming coaching certificate, foreign language skills etc . Your NQT application…

• Select suitable referees e.g. your college tutor and your head teacher from one of your school placements

• Relate your supporting statement directly to person specification for each individual job, don’t send generic supporting statements. Highlight your skills, experience and abilities…but most important sell yourself!

• Check if the school or Local Authority you plan to work with operates an NQT primary/secondary pool application system. Did you know Eteach manages a number of NQT application pools… using online systems, Eteach streamlines the application process for recruiters and candidates. Preparing for your Interview

• Planning and preparation is the key to being offered the teaching job of your dreams. Prepare model answers to likely questions connected to planning and assessment, target setting and communicating with parents. Prepare a few questions of your own to ask at the end of the interview. For example, find out more about school policies including equal opportunities, behaviour policies, gifted and talented, inclusive education and find out how the school delivers the Every Child Matters agenda..

• Find out what continual professional development is on offer… as an NQT you will be entitled to full induction support to enable you to gain QTS. Find out how a prospective school or Local Authority will deliver an NQT Induction programme. Achieving your teaching qualification is just the beginning of your professional development. Like any member of the school workforce, it’s important to keep learning to develop your career…..

Most importantly, sign up to http://www.eteach.com/ job alerts. Let the jobs come and find you. You can manage the number your recieve. Simply register with eteach and let eteach job alerts do the work for you. It will save you time, increase your efficency in your search and target your search more specifically.

Good luck


2 thoughts on “NQT’s- looking for your first teaching post? Find your first job with Eteach.com

  1. Having visited many Teacher Fairs all over the country, I regard the above tips to be most useful. Many of the students I spoke to at these Fairs had not secured a full-time post for when they graduate. All those students who are close to completing their teaching degree need not wait until they have graduated to start searching for roles, they can start searching for roles throughout their final year. Eteach.com particularly cater for this, giving job-seekers the facility to search for jobs by employers who consider NQTs. There are hundreds online now!

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