Nuclear college to tackle skills gap

The government has announced plans to open a new elite college to provide high level training for the nuclear power sector.

A new high-tech FE college will provide the skilled workforce that will be needed by Britain’s next generation of nuclear power plants.

Skills and Enterprise Minister Matthew Hancock made the announcement during a speech that marked the 70th anniversary of the Butler Reform Act, which made technical vocational training an education path that matched academic routes.

Nuclear new build in the UK is forecast to create up to 40,000 jobs in the sector, but employers are reporting skills shortages, particularly in engineering. The new college will be jointly funded by the government and the nuclear industry and will make use of cutting edge technology and equipment designed specifically for the next generation of nuclear power. There are also plans to develop a software engineering college to respond to the needs of the IT sector.

Matthew Hancock said: “A new generation of industry-led elite colleges will give our workforce the right skills to lead the way in both nuclear and software. The growing nuclear sector offers vital opportunities for highly skilled workers and we must make sure that the UK is at the forefront of this growing industry.”

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2 thoughts on “Nuclear college to tackle skills gap

  1. I feel that this again is to little to late and the government is trying to readdress the epic mistake of not listening to the Engineering Council and industry about our needs. Something has to be done to convince students to become engineers and as it stands Design and Technology has been abandoned by the DFEs as funding has been hit but also the academic or stats driven Principals have no interest in this country and it’s future needs.

  2. This is a really bad thing.

    We need to be focusing on getting AWAY from nuclear power, not creating more.
    Look at Germany, see how many of it nuclear power plants it has decommissioned.
    It will also have decommissioned ALL of them by 2030.
    Other countries use alternative energy and this creates jobs and a safe place to live in.

    ‘Elite’ this is the main problem with humanity, we are all Elite and there is no need to separate any human from the other.

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