One in six pupils fail to achieve new English Baccalaureate

England’s league tables have revealed that only one in six pupils in England is achieving the new English Baccalaureate which has been introduced by the government. The results show that only 216 schools across the country have not met the minimum overall target for GCSEs.

The target for this initiative is that at least 35% of pupils should be achieving five good passes (A* to C) at GCSE level including in Maths and English. The reasoning behind this new concept is so that it can be measured how many pupils in secondary school are achieving good GCSE grades in what the government considers to be the vital core subjects.

General feedback from head teachers around the country has been that the new English Baccalaureate measure is unreliable and it’s therefore unfair to rely on this system. If the results are to be depended on, this means that tens of thousands of children were being taught in under performing schools last year. As a result, these ‘under performing’ schools which are said to be below the required achievement level, may face being taken over or turned into academies.

Whilst some think of the new English Baccalaureate system as a positive measure which will encourage teachers to push their pupils, others are concerned that it may have a negative effect on morale and could create a new generation in failing schools.

Do you think that this new system will encourage schools to perform better or will it de-motivate teachers and pupils? Feel free to leave your comments below.

One thought on “One in six pupils fail to achieve new English Baccalaureate

  1. Your headline is wrong – says 1 in 6 fail to achieve EB whereas the text says on ly 1 in 6 ACHIEVE it.

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