Parents splash out on teachers

Competitive parents are forking out increasing amounts on lavish end of term gifts for their children’s teachers, but teachers say they prefer something made by their pupils.

Despite continuing economic hardships the average amount parents now spend has reached £10 and the number of them splashing out more than £20 has risen by 50%, the Daily Mail reports.

The 1,149 parents polled by the parenting website Netmums said that the most common gift was chocolate, but others bought spa days, a Harrods hamper and even a Tiffany necklace. Nearly 10% of families cut back on household spending to pay for a present.

Some parents said they bought a gift to show their appreciation, others to outdo parents at the school gate and some that they splashed out so the teacher would give their child special treatment. Some schools have banned teachers’ gifts altogether to stop competitive spending.

Netmums founder Siobhan Freegard said: “Forget pushy parents, we’re seeing the rise of the ‘present parent’ lavishing a fortune. But teachers we’ve spoken to say they are happiest with a homemade gift the child has put some thought into to show how they’ve blossomed during the year, as that shows the teacher has done their job well.”

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