Poor parenting blamed for classroom chaos

90% of school staff have had to deal with extreme behaviour in the last year, according to a major teacher survey.

The new ATL survey found that the vast majority of teachers have seen a rise in the number of children with emotional, behavioural or mental health problems over the past five years, The Observer reports.

Have you been affected by disruptive behaviour? Who or what is to blame?

There were numerous examples of challenging behaviour, from violent assault to defamatory campaigns on social media. Nearly four out of five teachers in the survey blamed a lack of boundaries and positive role models at home, low self-esteem and family breakdown.

The survey of 800 teachers revealed that:

  • 40 had been physically hurt in an attack
  • 67 had visited the doctor
  • 38 needed to take time off work.

42% said that they suffered stress, almost a quarter said they had lost confidence at work, and some teachers complained of being ‘cyber-bullied’ by their pupils. ATL’s Mary Bousted said:  “Teachers and support staff are suffering a backlash from deteriorating standards of behaviour. Schools need to give their staff regular training so they know how to work with students with behavioural and mental health issues and have confidence in tackling with challenging behaviour.”


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