Private companies are ruining the school system

The ATL has accused Michael Gove of destroying England’s state school system through “corporate greed” and a “culture of cronyism”.

Teachers have claimed that the Education Secretary is allowing the state school system to be ruined through his free schools and academies programme, the BBC reports.

At its annual conference the ATL warned of a “culture of cronyism”, with private companies taking control of schools and “thriving on the spoils” of consultancy fees.  It passed an emergency motion voicing concern over the “financial mismanagement” of free schools and academies, calling for all schools to be funded in a “fair, transparent and accountable way”.

ATL’s Mark Baker said: “Our world-class education system…is being destroyed through corporate greed. The free school mantra of allowing parents the opportunity to set up locally run neighbourhood schools is a lie. Most are being established and run by academy chains.”

Shadow Education Secretary Tristram Hunt told the conference that Labour would scrap the free schools programme, though existing free schools and those in the pipeline would be allowed to stay open. He claimed that the existing programme was based on “a political programme of pile them high and get them out of the trap. It doesn’t much matter who’s setting them up.”

A DfE spokeswoman said: “No individual or organisation with a governing relationship to an academy or free school can make a profit. Academies and free schools are funded on the same basis as council-run schools and are subject to far tighter financial controls.”

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5 thoughts on “Private companies are ruining the school system

  1. No profit to be had by having an academy chain? Well what about all the subsidiary companys that are spawned by the academy chain which are then paid to deliver vital services to the academy? It’s much the same as the new curriculum which introduces ideas and concepts that then need loads of new resources etc to get them up and running…. Someone is making a LOT of money somewhere…. and all at the expense of the school budgets. Let’s not even mention the thousands of ‘consultants’ that have replaced the LEA advisors. They wander into a school say this and that is wrong and offer to help out and put it right …. all for a considerable fee of course….

  2. How do you get one of these consultancy positions? Most education consultants that I have met are less well educated, qualified and experienced than I am. I despise them and envy them at the same time! Their main qualification appears to be brass neck and knowing the current buzzwords.

  3. Also the school buildings, equipment and land, which formerly belonged to the LEA, will have been handed to the company running the academy. Do they pay anything to the LEA?

  4. it started with the formation of ofsted. an opportunity to improve schools by setting up improvement services…then forcing schools to buy the services by finding them inadequate.
    the leas do the same thing….give schools a budget…then take it back via sevices offered by lea .
    since standards only went up by dumbing down exams it appeared successful!

  5. I used to work in a telecoms company that did much the same thing. The semior management who had been bought in by a new MD and knew nothing at all about the company Hired a well known firm of management consultants to look at the company and investigate how it could be made more efficient. They interviewed people within the company about the ineffiencies within the company and what could be done. They then charged a fortune for a report repeating what these individuals said and another fortune to say what should be done about it. When hired to make the changes they said were needed they attempted to implement some out of the box standard model of how a company should run without regard to the suggestions made or the individual nuances of the company

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