Pupils paid record £3 million compensation

Hundreds of pupils who hurt themselves in everyday accidents have sued their local council, claiming that it should have taken better care of them. Payouts have soared by almost 50% as the compensation culture enters the classroom.

Last year councils spent more than £3 million paying compensation, up from £2.4 million in 2011, the Daily Mail reports. Payouts included:

  • £26,000 for a pupil who was hurt putting away a trampoline
  • £14,329 to a pupil who climbed a tree to retrieve a ball and fell out
  • £16,000 to a pupil who slipped on wet leaves during a PE lesson and fell
  • £10,000 for a child who tripped over a tree root in the playground
  • £4,500 for a pupil who tripped and grazed a knee

Critics of the current system say that ambulance-chasing lawyers are fostering a culture in schools where children are molly coddled and not allowed to take the risks needed to grow up properly. Professor Frank Furedi said: “The rise of compensation claims in schools is bad news for education. The problem is not simply a financial one. Concern with litigation has encouraged a culture of risk-aversion in the classroom. Its outcome is less outdoor activities, less experiments and less adventure.”

Chris Skidmore, a member of the Education Select Committee, regrets that an ambulance-chasing culture has found its way into schools: “Schools are under enough regulation and red tape without having to worry about being served a legal writ every time a child is accidentally hurt. And it is a terribly sad state of affairs when those pursuing financial gain for non-life-altering injuries are simply taking money that should be better spent on children’s education.”

Have any of your pupils sued for a minor injury? Do you agree with Professor Furedi that the record compensation payouts have encouraged risk-aversion in school?


3 thoughts on “Pupils paid record £3 million compensation

  1. I totally agree with professor Furedi. these people do need to grow up and be responsible for their own actions and be aware of their own environment. councils shouldn’t pay and the government should step in because this is going to get worse, people are just after quick money. young children haven’t, a clue how to behave or be responsible for their own actions, probable because they have grown up in cotton wool or paranoid parent’s stopping there children from doing kids things like climbing trees. if government buildings like schools pass Health & Safety cert then this should be good enough.


  2. At my college a 17 year old girl received £28,000 after being bumped by a car with no injuries at all because the college should of trained her to cross the road. Surely that must be a parents responsibility? Also considering her parents see fit to let her out clubbing unatended must mean they are confident that she can cross a road.

  3. Another reason this country has so much debt! Just think how this money could be spent to our pupils advantage.

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