Recruitment doesn’t have to break the bank

New figures from Labour suggest that Secondary schools are struggling to recruit staff. The party has claimed that over the last 6 years there has been a 61% increase in advertising spend in schools across the country. Secondary schools have been affected the most, having spent an estimated £56m on advertising vacancies in 2015. We believe it doesn’t need to be this way and, as a business started by a teacher specifically to challenge the high cost of recruiting in the industry, we believe that recruitment advertising should be effective AND affordable.


The notion that schools are struggling to find the right teachers is not new and the release of these figures emphasises the real challenge that schools are to attract the best candidates. The data released by Labour was taken from a sample of more than 120 secondary schools and shows that the average amount spent on advertising for teacher vacancies has increased from £10,000 to £17,000 since 2010.

Former shadow education secretary, Lucy Powell, responded saying, ‘The teacher shortage crisis is one of the biggest issues facing our schools’. This follows on from a statement by newly appointed Education Secretary, Justine Greening confirming that she was ‘open-minded’ about allowing new grammar schools to open in the country.

Powell openly rejects Greening’s approach adding, ‘Justine Greening must turn the page on the Tories’ education policy’ and focus on what improves standards, excellent teachers, in the classroom with the right skills and support to deliver for children.’


Here at Eteach, our mission is simple: To help schools build a proactive recruitment strategy whilst saving time and money in the process. Whether through harnessing our affordable annual subscription advertising model, engaging our comprehensive expert recruitment consultancy services or managing hiring using our award winning, education-specific recruitment software, we live and breathe education recruitment. We have proven time and time again that Eteach offer the most cost effective recruitment solution to schools, no matter what size or phase.

We work with 7,500 schools who agree that Eteach is the most appropriate solution to meeting the rising recruitment spend.

For more information on how you can save money on your recruitment with Eteach, go to

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