School caterers ‘confident’ about meat safety

School caterers have said that they are almost 100% certain that horsemeat isn’t being served to pupils, but a government minister has said that the possibility cannot yet be ruled out.

The Local Authority Caterers Association (LACA) has stated that there are strict guidelines over the quality of school food, the BBC reports, and that food supplies are required to be traceable. “We are probably 99.9% sure that none of these products have entered the school supply chain,” a LACA spokesperson said, “I am sure that children’s food is still safe and parents should be reassured.”

Although nutritional standards have recently been tightened so schools are less likely to use processed meat,   the food and farming minister David Heath has warned that he can’t rule out the possibility that horsemeat is being served in schools until tests are complete. He said that he Food Standards Agency is undertaking the biggest-ever testing of beef products ‘to offer reassurance’.

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