Stepping in to Oscar Hotspot Capital, Mumbai…

Mumbai is the commercial capital of India. It’s a city full of excitement, adventure, hustle and bustle… a place to enjoy the spice of life…so why not teach in Mumbai.

Mumbai Teaching Jobs…We are currently recruiting for a co-educational, not for profit International Independent school with children from more than 20 nationalities. This is the only school in Mumbai providing comprehensive German and English Language curricula delivered by well qualified international and local staff, from a central location. The school’s speciality is Growing Learning Minds in a Caring Supportive Environment.

Mumbai is a current Oscar hotspot capital not only for Bollywood but for recruitment in education. Why not step in and share your experiences. Do you have any videos you’d like to share about your teaching experience in India?

Why not take a look at our teaching job opportunities in Mumbai…want to get in that educational spot light…Read on…Early Years Teacher and KS2 Teacher

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