Stop wasting your schools’ money!

How to save £80m a year

Large schools, and particularly academies, are burning their budgets due to a lack of training, understanding and control – particularly in the area of staff recruitment advertising.

Schools should boycott expensive newspapers like TES, The Guardian and even the local press, and to use more competitive online alternatives.

For example offers a fixed-price unlimited advertising service that will save money especially for larger schools who advertise regularly enough money to employ more teachers, or avoid impending cut backs.

UK schools spend around £68m a year on National Press with the bill for recruitment advertising in the local press coming in at around £20m. Then there are the additional costs of paper-based admin and postage bringing total expenditure to at least £90m a year. (DCSF said it was £120m in 2008).

Just take a look at the figures!

The following comparison takes 100 job postings across 10 schools as an example:

* Eteach Premium: unlimited adverts = 20,000 fixed cost
* Schools Recruitment Service (SRS): Local press @ £500 +250 SRS = 52,500 + TES
* TES Gold: = min 90,000 + newspaper ads

The above is based on Eteach’s unlimited ad package, priced at £2,000 per school.

The Schools Recruitment Service (SRS) would cost £250 per school – plus the cost of media. This flawed DCSF-backed system is incapable of bringing the savings schools need.

The TES Gold service is based upon £900 per advert, with newspaper advertising costs still to be added – typically £1600 per combined advert.

The worrying thing is, by using SRS or just TES/Guardian or Local papers schools have no control over their expenditure.

Eteach is a proven medium, with excellent traffic and responses delivered at a fixed price.

The total cost if all secondary schools in England and Wales used Eteach (e.g.5,000 schools x £2,000) would be just £10m – and primary schools could receive a FREE service.

Now that’s a saving at least £80m per annum immediately!

This is an equation I have discussed many times with various MPs, and yet none has had the power or inclination to drive home the obvious savings that we now need.

It’s time to act…


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