Strike action suspended

Teachers have called off June’s industrial action after Coalition ministers in the DfE pledged to turn up to talks, but it may go ahead in July.

At Easter delegates at the NUT’s annual conference voted unanimously in favour of strike action for the week beginning 23rd June, at the end of GCSE and A-level exams. The union has now agreed to suspend the national walk-out, The Independent reports.

Christine Blower, NUT general secretary, said that DfE ministers, including Michael Gove and David Laws, had failed to turn up to previous talks over teachers’ pay, pensions and workload. However, the Education Secretary has now indicated that he will attend the next round of talks, so the NUT has decided to postpone the stoppage. “This gives the Government several more weeks to demonstrate good faith in the talks. The NUT’s national executive will discuss the talks again when they next meet on 19th June,” Ms. Blower said. “However, progress is by no means certain and it is very important that we keep up our pressure on the Government.”

The NUT has warned that it will still strike on 10th July, a date earmarked by other unions for possible strike action, if progress is not made. In the meantime, NUT members from England and Wales will lobby Parliament on 10th June to raise MPs’ awareness of their views. “We hope this lobby can help avoid strike action,” Ms. Blower said. “The consequences further down the line of this Government’s education policies will be disastrous for a free and fair education system for all. Education is far too important an issue to ignore.”

A DfE spokesperson said: “There is no justification for further strikes which will disrupt parents’ lives, hold back children’s education and damage the reputation of the profession. The unions asked for talks, we agreed to their request and talks are ongoing. Ministers have also met frequently with the unions and will continue to do so.”

Do you think the NUT is right to postpone strike action? Will you be lobbying MPs on the 10th June?

5 thoughts on “Strike action suspended

  1. !. The NUT should release voting figures from the ballot.
    2. It should stop its piffling strike action .
    3. The DfE correctly states that ministers have met frequently with unions. Blower should cut the myth perpetuating rubbish.

    The NUT just loves throwing the toys out of the pram.
    Get over yourselves- you are NOT that important.

  2. Yes. I think it’s OK to postpone the strike until we see what Gove & Law have to say !

    I don’t think it will make any difference though. They’re just playing to the audience/media !

  3. “Further strike action will disrupt parents’ lives” – the fact that this comes first on the list shows that to some in power teachers are simply there to provide childcare for ‘ hardworking families’. We, of course, do not come into that category despite the fact that many of us are parents whose own children attend school. We therefore have a very personal as well as professional concern for the future of our education system. We have also put our money where our mouths are by joining the teaching profession. Many people do not have the guts to do it despite the apparently short working days and long holidays.

  4. Yes, I agree. It’s only a show. Look at what the students did but it made no deference to govt and they did not change the fees.
    Teachers in England need more respect like other countries if they want the children and the teaching to be like other countries!

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