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After endless marking, constant planning, never ending parents evenings and enduring the most testing of children  – finally it’s the summer holidays! A time where teachers can be themselves, not worry about Ofsted for at least 6 weeks!

So what should you do during your time away from the classroom in order to make sure that you come back refreshed and rejuvenated? Here are some ideas we think will help!

RECHARGE – During the holidays aim for seven to eight hours sleep a day, if your body clock or children don’t allow you to sleep in for this length of time, maybe try and have an afternoon nap to ensure your body has enough time to relax. Even the most exciting of tasks can be ruined because of lack of sleep, don’t let it ruin your time off!

READ – During the academic year teachers will read more than most, however it isn’t often reading of choice! The holidays are time to find a book you enjoy and indulge in the genres that you love; allow you to escape from reality and relax! So find yourself a great book and become enthralled by it!

PAMPER – Make sure you put yourself first this summer,  pampering yourself can be one of the many ways to do this. From treating yourself to a quick manicure or a new hairstyle! Make sure you go out to lunch with friends or do something during the day that you wouldn’t normally get to do!

JOIN – Search the internet to find a professional teaching organisation that is tailored towards your subject and teaching year. Often there is a small membership fee however the benefits are often well worth the money, giving you advanced notice of events at discounted rates, free professional development opportunities and other great membership discounts. Newsletter 070815

SOCIALISE – Don’t forget about your fellow peers. Keep in contact with your work peers, either in person or via social media. This will allow you to brainstorm ideas or even share information about professional development will help you to be ready to improve for next year’s term time.

EXPLORE – Check your list of ‘places you’ve always wanted to go to’. This doesn’t have to be bank breaking holidays, it could be as simple as going to certain restaurants, shops, local attractions or even natural wonders that you have always wanted to see. Once you have made the effort to try something new or go to place you’ve never been to, your eyes can be opened giving you a whole new outlook!

PLAN – It is never too soon to start structuring and planning for the new academic year, but it can very quickly become too late. Staying on top of your lesson planning is essential and completing it early will allow you to enjoy the rest of your holiday. Search the internet for teaching websites, forums to gain new exciting ideas for your classroom.

LEARN – Join a new class, take time to cook, learn a new language, do anything that interests you and keeps your brain active! Perfecting a new skill will keep you occupied and keep your mind ticking over, and you never know you may be able to bring it into the classroom.

REFLECT – Use the downtime in your holidays to take a look back on the previous school year, evaluate what went well, what didn’t. List the strengths and challenges you had last year and brainstorming how to fix theses will improve you as a teacher and hopefully increase the productivity of your classes.

But most importantly you need to enjoy yourself and take the time to relax – you deserve it after the last year!


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  1. Explain how a new haircut will have a positive effect in the classroom, bloody ridiculous if teachers have to stoop so low, get a life…

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