Summer Holidays – how much are holidays??

One of the overriding observations that the general public have is that teaching is an excellent job because of the long holidays, especially in the summer. 6 weeks of doing nothing, just relaxing after the long school year. But how many of you actually do just that?

How many of you spend at least the first week filing that mountain of assessment work, sorting through resources, and trying to decide what to do with that piece of paper that doesn’t fall into any particular group! Were you the one who drew the short straw and had to move classrooms as well?

And then the week before you are due back in its planning, (with another new initiative to incorporate) classroom organisation, and hunt the resources. Before you know it you are asking yourself ‘Where did it go to?’

Not this Year! Don’t waste this precious time. Summer holidays are the time to do all the things you put off. Say yes to seeing friends and family. Say yes to visiting an exhibition or a place of interest. Say yes to doing a new activity like rock climbing or pottery painting. Read all the Whitbread nominations. My target, from my sons teacher at parents evening is to take him roller skating, something I haven’t done since I was in my teens. I have to say I’m quite looking forward to it.

So tell us what are you going to do to really make this summer holiday different? How are you going to get that work/life balance? Let us know … add a comment!

4 thoughts on “Summer Holidays – how much are holidays??

  1. Apart from spending the first week moving classrooms, I have been relaxing by reading, swimming, catching up on mysteries, etc. I also will be taking an Alaska cruise with my son in a few weeks. My goal is to try to get in better shape and establish excercise routines that I will maintain throughout the school year in the hopes that this will help alleviate some of the stress that invariably hits.

  2. It is all about striking the right balance between work and family life. Well I am planning to travel to visit family and friends. I recently purchased a mini laptop, so will be taking with me to do some planning. I will certainly create some time for some exercise and adapt my food regime in the hope to maintain it throughout the year when I start in September.

  3. Because I was only on a year contract, I am now loking for jobs for Septemeber. I have a couple of interviews.
    I am, however, going on holiday for two weks because if I don't I willgo insane,

  4. As always I had a list of things to do during the holiday to make them 'worth while', this did include resting but I find that very hard to do. I have enjoyed the holidays but I must admit to having worked lots! I have been into school on a few occasions as well as doing some planning etc at home. I think if I hadn't I would not feel so relaxed now…how on earth does that make sense?!!! Please tell me there are others like me out there!!

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