‘Weakest’ primaries to become academies

Posted by Education News on Nov 15, 2012 in Academies, In the News

Four hundred primary schools in England judged to be among the weakest will become academies by the end of 2013, joining 200 failing primaries that are already on the way to academy status.

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Education News Roundup

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Feb 3, 2012 in In the News

It’s been a busy month, and with the media bursting with education news, we take our regular look at stories making the headlines around the world. From moves to increase the length of the school day, high-tech ways to stop smart phone exam cheats and a teacher who found he was a billionaire, see what’s got people talking. Join in and share your views.

Complaints over cougar mascots

Corner Canyon High School in Utah, USA, has ditched its ‘Cougar’ mascot name after receiving complaints from parents, says CNN. A vote by pupils had given the school mascot the name of Corner Canyon Cougars, but some parents thought this was ‘derogatory’ as the word is now used to refer to older women who date younger men.

Massage start to the day causes controversy

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Are academy opponents ‘enemies of promise’?

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Jan 13, 2012 in Academies, In the News

The education secretary Michael Gove described those opposed to schools becoming academies as “the same old ideologues pushing the same old ideology of failure and mediocrity” in a speech last week. But opponents say academies are not about improvement, but part of an ideologically driven agenda to dismantle our current system of local accountability for education. Who’s right? Read more and have your say .

Michael Gove, who the Guardian points out is often described by his adversaries as an ideologue, entitled his speech ‘Who are the ideologues now?’ and opened by suggesting that academy opponents are “blighting futures and limiting horizons”:

“Last month, a headline appeared in the Hornsey Journal – a headline that would have been funny had its subtext not been so dispiriting. Stamped across the top of the page in stark, Nimrod Bold lettering were the words:

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