‘Golden Hello’

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Jan 22, 2016 in In the News

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Teachers in shortage subjects or roles are being offered corporate type benefits, including gym memberships and cash bonuses by schools in order to attract and retain particular skilled teachers.

Other benefits schools are offering include: childcare schemes, relocation schemes, legal and associated expenses for moving, removals, jobs for partners and temporary/initial housing costs.

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Overcrowded? Underprepared?

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Jan 15, 2016 in In the News

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The system for creating new school places in England is ‘fragmented and confusing’, risking harm to children’s education, Headteachers have warned. The NAHT believes this is due to a lack of cohesive local planning, new schools are not being opened where they are needed most.

The government have said they want to ensure a good school place for every child, however a Labour Party analysis has claimed that half a million children were now in “super-sized” primary classes. The shadow education secretary Lucy Powell believes that the “current system for planning new places is essentially broken” and pressure on places is starting to hit secondary schools.

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Three wise teachers

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Dec 18, 2015 in In the News

3 wise teachers

Three of Britain’s teachers were recently named in the top 50 best teachers in the world! This is the second year running three British teachers have made the shortlist for the final 50 in the Global Teacher Prize competition. Read more…

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North vs South

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Dec 4, 2015 in In the News

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This week it has been heavily reported that there is a growing North and South divide in secondary schooling across the UK. Ofsted’s annual report on education standards claims that almost a third of secondary schools in the North and Midlands are not at the required level expected. Read more…

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The great grammar school debate

Posted by Eteach Blogger on Oct 16, 2015 in In the News

national exams for 6 7 year olds

On Thursday morning Nicky Morgan approved plans for the first new grammar school in over 5 decades. This will give the green light for a 450-pupil grammar school in Sevenoaks, Kent to be built. Read more…

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