Teach First beats traditional big recruiters

The Teach First scheme has become the fastest growing recruiter of graduates, overtaking banking, finance and the civil service.

Teach First, the initiative that recruits graduates to teach in deprived areas, took on 1,261 graduates this year, the BBC reports.

The charity, launched in 2002, has been expanding across England and Wales and aims to recruit 2,000 graduates a year from 2015. Trainees have six weeks of intensive training, with subsequent training taking place in school, where they spend two years.

Although 80% of its graduates are from leading Russell Group universities, almost a quarter had been eligible for free meals at school and a third had been the first in their families to go to university.

John Colenutt, its acting chief executive, said he was pleased that “working in schools in challenging circumstances is now seen as the most prestigious and popular destination for the country’s best graduates. But, there is much more to do”.

Meanwhile, a major study of the opinions of 5,800 secondary pupils shows the importance of great teachers. Almost two-thirds of pupils say they ‘have a teacher who is a positive role model for me’ and 70% that ‘teachers believe in me and expect me to be successful’, according to early findings from the My Education project.

Did you get into teaching through Teach First, or have you worked with anyone who has?

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