Teacher morale ‘dangerously low’

Morale amongst teachers is at an all-time low and almost three quarters feel that the government doesn’t trust them, according to a YouGov survey for the NUT.

More than half of the 804 teachers in the survey said that their morale was low or very low, a decline of 13% since April, The Independent reports.

Almost three quarters said they rarely or never felt trusted by the government and 77% argued that its impact on education has been negative. Other findings included:

  • 77% said academy and free school programmes were taking education in England in the wrong direction
  • 5% felt the government was having a ‘positive’ effect on schools.
  • 76% said cuts and austerity measures were having a negative impact on some or most children.


NUT general secretary Christine Blower described the survey as a ‘damning indictment’ of the government’s policies and added: “”It is time the prime minister reined in his education secretary, who has lost the respect of the profession.”

The final question for the teachers was what New Year’s resolution they would like the Secretary of State for Education to make. With the majority of them clearly unconvinced by Michael Gove’s education policies, little surprise that the most popular response by far was along the lines of ‘I will resign’.

Is your morale low and if so is Michael Gove to blame? Have you thought of teaching abroad?



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