Teacher pay and conditions in Wales

Teacher pay and conditions in Wales is changing

At present, teacher pay and conditions for England and Wales are set by the UK Government’s Secretary of State for Education.  This will change from September 2018.

What’s changing?

From September 2018, the Welsh Government will be responsible for determining the pay and conditions for teachers in Wales.

What does it mean for me?

Welsh teacher pay and conditions will be in place from September 2019.

Discussions are underway now to set up a process that allows important stakeholders in Wales to participate in relevant discussions.  These discussions include a working group and a consultation.

The Cabinet Secretary for Education, Kirsty Williams AM has confirmed that her intention is to develop a pay and conditions structure that contributes to a highly motivated teaching profession and strengthens the delivery of a high quality education system.

The Cabinet Secretary has also confirmed that the working group has been asked to consider how their recommendations might affect supply teachers and teaching assistants in the maintained sector.

How will teachers be involved in setting their pay and conditions?

The consultation on the process for setting teacher pay and conditions in Wales proposes a “Teacher Engagement Model”.

It would combine independently appointed experts in a structured Pay review body, and a social partnership of employers and trade unions, working annually.

Welsh Government will establish a Partnership Forum to bring trade unions and employers together.  This Forum will consider and give its views on a draft remit issued by the Welsh Ministers to a Welsh Pay and Review body.

The Welsh Ministers will consider the Partnership Forum’s views before issuing a final remit to the Pay and Review body, which will take evidence before making recommendations to the Welsh Ministers.

The Welsh Ministers will then consult on their proposals following the Pay and Review body’s recommendations before a final annual determination is made.


The model being proposed by Welsh Government is very similar to the current model for setting teacher pay and conditions for England and Wales.

Further detail is expected in Autumn 2018 and we will be keeping you informed.


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Author: Robin Hughes

Robin Huges HeadshotRobin has been a school governor for over ten years and is bilingual, Welsh and English. Before becoming a consultant and working with a number of private and public sector educational organisations, Robin had stakeholder management roles in an examination board and was Wales Secretary for ASCL, a body that represents over 16,000 senior school leaders.

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