Teacher resignations rise

Schools Minister David Laws has revealed that the number of teachers who left their jobs rose by almost a fifth last year; Labour says low morale is to blame.

About 47,700 teachers left their jobs during 2010-11, up from just over 40,000 the year before, the BBC reports. For the previous five years there had been a fall in the number of teachers leaving the profession.

Stephen Twigg, shadow education secretary, said: “To get school standards to rise we need more and better teachers. But David Cameron and Michael Gove are threatening standards as on their watch thousands more are quitting the profession.  It’s no wonder given teacher morale is so low and Michael Gove insults teachers, calling them ‘whingers’.”

The official figures confirm a recent survey from the NASUWT, which showed that over 80% of teachers felt demoralised and that the majority had seriously considered leaving the profession. Christine Blower from the NUT said: “A combination of pension cuts, pay freezes, an ever increasing workload and continual inspection and criticism from government at every turn will make retention of teachers increasingly difficult.”

According to the DfE, last year a record number of trainee teachers were recruited and vacancy rates were at their lowest for seven years.

Why do you think more teachers are leaving the classroom? Are you thinking of doing so?



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