Teachers divided about pupil behaviour. Do they use too much carrot, not enough stick?

New research on pupil behaviour shows that while most teachers’ views are increasingly positive, one in four is unhappy with standards in their school. Many teachers believe that poor behaviour is driving their colleagues out of the profession, the Huffington Post reports.

The latest report into pupil behaviour from the National Foundation for Educational Research found that although 76% of the 1600 teachers surveyed described behaviour as ‘good’ or ‘very good’, 6% overall believe that it is poor or very poor – 5% in primary schools but 8% in secondaries.   And 60% of teachers believed bad behaviour drove teachers away from the classroom.

Just over a fifth of maintained schools inspected by Ofsted between January and March this year were rated just ‘satisfactory’ or ‘inadequate’ over pupil behaviour and safety.

Carrot not stick? Other findings are that over 80% of teachers often use a reward system and more than 90% praise good behaviour. However, half secondary school teachers never send unruly pupils to the head’s office, the Daily Mail reports. Over a third never shout at pupils who misbehave and an average of 60% don’t ever use detention – 94% in primary schools and 13% in secondary schools.

Critics say that many teachers are taking a lax approach to discipline because they do not want to prevent pupils from expressing themselves or are afraid of standing up to troublemakers because they fear repercussions.


Are you happy with the way pupils at your school behave? Do you still send them to the head when they misbehave?


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