Teachers have a go at Gove!

Thousands of teachers have signed a petition condemning the Education Secretary’s reformed curriculum. Meanwhile the former head of the national curriculum has told politicians to stop meddling in school policy. 

The petition slating Michael Gove’s curriculum reforms was launched by secondary teacher Debra Kidd and had been signed by more than 2,000 teachers, The Independent reports.

It comes after 100 leading academics signed a letter criticising the new curriculum’s obsession with ‘lists of facts’ and the unanimous vote of no confidence in Mr. Gove at the NUT annual conference.

The teachers are angry at the content and direction of the reformed national curriculum, the restricted consultation period of just over two months, and what they see as Mr. Gove’s dismissive attitude towards his critics.

Ms Kidd said that the teachers were “tired of a ‘yadda yadda’ approach” from Mr. Gove: “They are astonished that a man appointed to serve the education system behaves like a child who has not yet learned to listen and respect boundaries,” she said.

Mick Waters, ex-curriculum head at the QCA, has told politicians to stop meddling in school policy and using school visits as photo shoot opportunities. Speaking to a seminar at the House of Commons, he said that power has to be removed from ‘meddlers and unelected advisers and placed back in the control of wider society’ and added: “Most national politicians confuse policy with posturing, polarising and positioning. A few are peddling half truths over international comparisons or abusing the rights of pupils with cynical hectoring.”

Have you signed the petition? And do you think politicians should stop meddling in schools?

5 thoughts on “Teachers have a go at Gove!

  1. Mr Gove and politicians in general have no idea what goes on in education. They have no understanding of the pressures that staff are put under and what they are being asked to do, he has no idea of the impact of his policies

  2. Let michael gove spend a week in the life of a teacher and then we might actually listen. At the minute he has NO clue.

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