Teachers victimised by cyberbullies

Teachers are facing a growing tide of online abuse from parents and pupils, ranging from hate pages on social networking sites to malicious allegations of sexual abuse. Teaching unions are calling for abusive parents to be prosecuted. 

The NASUWT survey of more than 1,500 teachers found that online abuse of teachers is widespread, with more than two in five teachers saying they have been a victim. Channel 4 reports.

Parents committed 26% of bullying, with 60% of pupils responsible for the abuse aged between 11 and 16 – but some teachers faced bullying from primary pupils. One student posted that they were going to slit a teacher’s throat and another claimed their teacher ‘is a rapist’. Facebook emerged as the site most commonly used by cyberbullies.

16% of teachers said parents had posted a comment about them in the last two years and more than half were insulting.  Teaching unions want the police and courts to step in more frequently and Chris Keates from NASUWT said: “Some of the findings in this survey are truly shocking, yet there are no adequate procedures in place, locally or nationally, to protect teachers. It is clear that some employers are seriously failing in their duty of care by neither having appropriate policies in place nor taking incidents seriously when reported.”

Have you been the victim of cyberbullying and if so was it from parents or pupils? Share your experiences with us.




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