Teachers win record levels of compensation

The three biggest teaching unions have revealed that the compensation paid to teachers soared by about a third over the last year.

Teachers were awarded a record £40 million in compensation last year for injuries and employment disputes, The Telegraph reports. The NASUWT and NUT claimed about £20m in compensation and ATL won £5.3m for its members.

Teachers won the compensation after being assaulted by pupils, tripping over pot holes and being subjected to discrimination from school leaders.

A teacher from the West Midlands was awarded the largest single pay out, almost £114,000, after being attacked by two pupils as she attempted to break up a fight. She suffered serious injuries to her face, head, neck, arm and shoulder and was unable to return to work. Other successful claims included:

  • a deputy head who received £16,000 after being unfairly sacked for gross misconduct, following a damning Ofsted report that left the school on the brink of closure.
  • a teacher who  was awarded £110,000 after  tripping on a deep pothole on a school’s driveway, dislocating her ankle, tearing ligaments and being left in constant pain
  • a teacher who received £37,000 for discrimination on the grounds of gender reassignment and disability.


NASUWT’s Chris Keates said: “The tragedy is that in most cases compensation would be unnecessary if employers followed good employment practices and followed health and safety procedures.  Instead teachers have their careers, lives and health blighted and millions of pounds of public money has to be spent. Employers flout the law, but it’s the teachers and the taxpayers who pay the price.”

Have you ever had to bring a compensation claim and if so how did you find the process? Share your experiences with the Eteach community!

3 thoughts on “Teachers win record levels of compensation

  1. I am midday supervisor SMSA at primary school in Twickenham I had 3 bad accidents at the school last year once football hit my left cheek and eyes and after 2 weeks a student in the classroom pull the chair and I fell hit my back and head on a wooden table behind me and the worse and very painful injury on Nov the same year fell again at school on the stairs had injury on my right wrist,hand ,arm and knee took me 3 weeks in pain and because of that injury my wrist is weak now and I use support wrist cloves when I lift dinner tables at school because the school I work for has to lift tables and chairs after in dinner hall when students finish their lunch but I never ask for compensation .only I took 3 weeks sick leave when this last injury of falling from stairs happened.

  2. AND what about all those quiet, discreet and secret compromise agreements ………. now that would be a figure worth knowing! Failed heads and principals walking away laughing all the way to the bank leaving chaos behind them, for example, the debacle of the FE college in Kent in the recent past ……. they refuse to say anything, which infers the sums were significant.

    It follows that compensation payments and behind closed doors payments will continue to rise as the sector slides further into the black hole ………. perhaps we will see ads on the TV soon from the compo lawyers …………. !

  3. I had a fall from a stool which slipped from beneath me, new, only in school 1 day, not fit for purpose. Four points of contact via plastic feet, which snapped in a few weeks, on lab floor, subject to spills etc, on shiny existing flooring. New rougher graded flooring fitted during summer holidays, old floor example not kept. Head put stool in question into quarantine . Biggest ever cover up. Head full of himself, Union as much use as a chocolate fire guard , I am left in constant pain; union, buckled at first hurdle even though pursued girl almost 3 years, I.e. Up until the time you can take action. Head, union? Don’t even ho there…

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