Teaching at home: “Enjoying days at home” in response to The Times

Teaching at home: “Enjoying days at home” in response to The Times

Teaching children at home? Is it right or wrong…or does it matter?

Education is something I am so passionate and proud to be involved in. It is important that children, young adults and grownups are educated and given the opportunities to continue to develop and learn throughout their life both academically and socially.

I was reading in The Times online today about a teacher who opted for her children to learn at home after they had been unhappy at school (http://www.timesonline.co.uk/tol/news/uk/education/article5548877.ece).

My instant thoughts were “is teaching at home the answer?”

For some it is the only alternative though I would have missed the friends I made at school who have been with me all my life. It isn’t just about the academic element, passing the exams and getting the qualifications. Schools are a place for children to learn to become themselves. Social interaction is key in child development, working in a team and competing against each other is healthy way of growing up. There will be times when children will be faced with conflict in thoughts and opinions, but this again is a life experience we all face. Schools provide a platform for character building, where they can develop on their strengths as well as areas for improvement. I’d be interested to hear what your views are on children being taught at home and school?

One thought on “Teaching at home: “Enjoying days at home” in response to The Times

  1. How is it that people pretty routinely imagine that it is impossible to provide a place for children to interact, work in a team, compete in healthy ways, have close friends, be subject to criticism and differing opinions anywhere other than school?

    These things happen on a daily basis for those children who are educated out of school. Just go look for the evidence before you speak of something of which you clearly know very little indeed.

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