Teaching heroes go global – and some young footballing heroes

You might wonder what Nepal and Nuneaton have in common and the answer lies in our Teaching Hero campaign. Teachers and students from several continents have nominated outstanding teachers who have made a real difference in the classroom. Meanwhile, some young footballers from nearer home are making heroic efforts in a challenging new league – and succeeding.

The names come straight out of a geography lesson:  Peking, Crawley, Entebbe, Cardiff and the Himalayas, but what all these places have in common is that they’re where nominations for Teaching Heroes are coming from.

The reasons behind  the nominations sum up what being a great teacher is all about: ‘she supports us all the way’: ‘goes out of the way to meet the students’ needs even at the cost of one’s own’: ‘huge believer in every child matters’ and ‘he makes us laugh and fills us with enthusiasm for our learning’.

How would you describe your own Teaching Hero? Share your ideas with us!

Turning from teachers to pupils, we’re proud to sponsor St Joseph’s Under-11s from Harrow in Middlesex.  The squad of 14 boys have been together now for 4 years, starting at Under 7s and playing 7 a-side football until last season.

They did so well last year that they were promoted from Division 4 to Division 2 in the Harrow Youth League. This season they narrowly lost their first game 3-2, then bounced back with a fantastic 8-2 victory. Well done lads on a great match and keep up the good work!

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