Teaching most popular career choice

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Education has beaten finance, real estate and entertainment as the preferred career choice for teenagers in a new survey – but many have inaccurate salary expectations.

Despite DfE figures suggesting that 1 in 4 NQTs leave the profession within the first five years of teaching, 12% of 14 to 18 year-olds say that teaching or lecturing is their ideal job, the Telegraph reports.

According to new research from the Edge Foundation, only 2.6% of the 1,100 teenagers surveyed wanted to work in real estate and just 5.3% considered construction. Only one in 10 of them aimed for a career in science, technology and engineering, despite concerns about the shortage of young people entering these sectors.

Despite the teenagers’ enthusiasm for education, more than 2,000 teacher training places were left unfilled last year, with headteachers’ leaders warning of a major shortage in the profession.

Although 60% of the teenagers said they make career decisions based on future earning potential, the majority had little idea about what salary they can expect. Nearly 20% of them overestimated earnings in the arts and entertainment industry, which pays on average £21,603 per year, but underestimated earnings in the electricity, gas, and air conditioning sectors by nearly £15,000, which pay on average almost £38,000.

Jan Hodges, CEO of the Edge Foundation, said: “With the cost of education at an all-time high, future salaries are more important than ever to the majority of teens. Our research highlights a worrying gap in their understanding around earnings. It is essential that young people are given much better education and careers advice to ensure they can make an informed decision about their future.”

Did you dream of being a teacher when you were a teenager? If not, what career appealed to you? Share your views with the Eteach community!

2 thoughts on “Teaching most popular career choice

  1. Interesting that they have inaccurate expectations over something as fundamental as salary, however, it would appear that many students are (thankfully) doing proper research before signing on the dotted line. Despite this, I wonder how many will do a first degree and then get ‘sucked’ into teaching and thus limit their future career prospects in other fields as a result.

  2. Don’t do it !
    Teaching is not a valued respected job , it is very wrongly represented to the public , no working hours , well how long you may keep your eyes open is the limit …. and family life is a silly ambition.
    If you are an intelligent university student thinking you would put your knowledge and passion to the service of others, then do not go into teaching !

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