The digital outlook for 2011

1. 2011 will see the continuing decline of daily and weekly newspapers

Online will increasingly be the place where recruiters and jobseekers will come together to find their perfect match.

2. Blue-ray will become the format of choice

The entry price point for Blue-ray will continue to decline, more and more titles will be released on the format and it will be the beginning of the end for DVDs. Meanwhile it’s more than possible that 3D TVs being pushed by manufacturers will fail to make headway.

3. Video will become an increasingly important way to deliver content

Improvements in technology will significantly increase the amount of online content viewed by video on every type of website, from corporate and personal to TV on demand and social media sites.

4. Consumers will demand greener gizmos

Environmental concerns will fuel the market for eco-friendly gadgets, from tablet computers to phones and music players.

5. The demise of email will accelerate

Know people who prefer to message you via Facebook rather than email? The simplicity of in-built messaging systems on networks like FB (which provide many with their main online experience) will continue to develop and be preferred as a general communications protocol.

6. Google’s Android will become the number 1 smartphone system

The Android operating system is competing hard with both the iPhone and the Blackberry and is heading for the top spot.

7. Apple will move into search

If anyone could rival Google then Apple could. They certainly have a lot of money that they might want to invest, plus an increasing user base of their own browser bundled with iPhones, iPads and Macs, currently using Google as the default engine…

8. Organisations will increasingly try to embrace the ‘social revolution’

With more than 500 million active Facebook users, and more than 250 million engaging with FB via external sites, organisations will continue the rush to integrate social media strategies, to stay ahead and try to capitalise on this uncontainable trend.

9. The browser wars will return

Forget Explorer and Netscape battling it out in the 90s: now there’s Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari – while the new Rockmelt will bring social media browsing to the party.

And finally:

10. Wales will beat England in the Six Nations Championship

Mark my words. The match starts at 19.45 on 4th February at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff.

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