The power of entrepreneurship

The real-life power of learning entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is of huge importance. It is the most transferable skill that can have the highest impact on a person throughout their lives. And the great news is, it can be learned.

I believe that if everyone is doing what they can feel passionate about, they can awe you.

Unfortunately, this is not what is happening in education.

Remember Simon Sinek, ‘Starting with Why’?  Why are you actually doing what you do? I call it shine. It’s when the teachers, the community, the cleaner and the teacher are all being their best self, to Awe You.

How can you bring shine alive?

GATE is a set of learning pathways that offer school leavers a route to Graduate, Apprentice, Talent or Entrepreneurship careers.  For students and teachers alike, we offer profiling to identify which area might proffer them the best opportunities.


We have an entrepreneurship curriculum, it is digitally online for blended learning and the teacher is the facilitator.

Is it something you could introduce in your curriculum?

If you want to know more, please get in touch.


Author: Jacqueline Webb

Jacqueline Webb Archibald is the founder of Awe You. You can contact her at jax@aweyou.com


One thought on “The power of entrepreneurship

  1. Entrepreneurship is much more powerful as it creates jobs for people and gives nation some innovation or at least a new improved way of doing similar things. I read in some research that entrepreneurship drives as much as 40% growth for any company or country. The industrial age has gotten finished and now is the information age where going for entrepreneurship is pretty necessary. Currently, entrepreneurship is getting fostered in young people but what if the government also provides funds for such entrepreneurship then there can be havoc with growth.

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