The top ten benefits of working overseas

Fed up with old Blighty? Fancy a job in the sun, far far away? There are plenty of reasons to consider a post overseas and it can even pay dividends when – or even if – you decide to return to working in UK education. Read on to discover just some of the benefits. Acacia Tree at Sunrise

1. UK trained teachers are highly regarded

English is often the principal language used in international schools so if English is your mother-tongue, you’re already off to a flying start when applying for posts and working as a teacher overseas.

2. Expat teachers often benefit from excellent pay

Many schools offer excellent benefits, including pay which can even be tax-free. You might even find a job with an ‘end of post bonus’ on completion of the contract. Keep an eye on the job ads on our international pages and click through for more information about salaries.

3. Your benefits package may comprise a lot more than just pay

Help with moving expenses, relocation allowances, flights to and from the UK, medical insurance and accommodation are just some of the benefits to watch out for.

4. You’ll often be working with smaller classes

If you fancy smaller classes with motivated children who want to learn, then this is exactly what you’re likely to find working at many international schools. It can add up to easier class management, less marking time, and more one to one time for individuals.

5. You may have more freedom over what you teach

Schools have autonomy over their choice of curriculum, often giving staff more flexibility and freedom to be creative in their teaching.

6. You may get the chance of higher level responsibilities earlier in your career

Job opportunities come up frequently and staff can be more transient, so there are often chances for greater responsibilities earlier in your career. Many schools also offer good continuing professional development programmes.

7. Many schools offer facilities to die for

Theatres, swimming pools, sports facilities, dance studios, top notch computer equipment and lovely grounds. You name it, chances are you’ll find it at many of the schools we feature at

8. Many schools offer locations to die for too

“A school in the heart of a traditional Lebanese hill village, close to shops, hotels and restaurants and surrounded by beautiful groves of pine, olive and fruit trees…” That was just one post we recently featured. Keep your eyes peeled for more vacancies in idyllic locations.

View of Malaga

9. You’ll acquire an instant network in another country

Many of your colleagues are likely to become your new friends, helping you to settle into the area, understand its quirks and find your way around.

10. You’ll get to meet, greet and live in a completely different culture

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the main reason that many choose overseas work is that sense of exploration and of wanting to understand a completely different way of doing things. Not only can it be deeply rewarding on a personal and professional level, it can also stand you in good stead when, and if, you decide to head for home.

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Which benefits did we leave out? Why not share below…

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