Three wise teachers

3 wise teachers

Three of Britain’s teachers were recently named in the top 50 best teachers in the world! This is the second year running three British teachers have made the shortlist for the final 50 in the Global Teacher Prize competition.

The Global teacher prize was established in 2014 by the Varkey Foundation in a bid to raise the stature of teaching. The winner of this prestigious prize will receive a cash prize of $1 million a total that equates to £670,000. The prize is aimed to make children dream about becoming the ‘greatest teacher in the world’ whilst also celebrating the teaching talent we currently have.

The British teachers in line for this fantastic prize are as follows:

Mr Hegarty has already been a classroom prize-winner, having won in the UK’s Pearson Teaching Awards last year and was labelled as a “maths superstar” for his work. Colin originally worked for a finance firm after getting a first class degree in maths at Oxford University. He then took a £40,000 pay cut to become a teacher and has since set up a free website to help with maths.

Janet Hayward is a primary school head teacher and also the chairwoman of the National Digital Learning Council in Wales. Janet has been recognised for her enthusiasm in engaging students through technology. Under her leadership the school has won several awards and is recognised as an ICT pathfinder.

Sean Bellamy runs an unconventional secondary school based on the principles of “democratic education”. In Mr Bellamy’s schools rules are decided on collectively, there is no uniform, staff are paid the same and everyone is on first-name terms. Over time, six hundred students have passed through Sands (Sean’s school), most of them mavericks and those failed by bigger schools.

Last year one British teacher made it through to the final ten teachers, which took place in the UAE and was attended by the former US President Bill Clinton. Although Richard Spencer didn’t win, it has helped increase the perceptions of teaching around the world. Last year’s winner, Nancie Atwell from the United States, donated her prize money to her school and believes the award to be ‘fantastic incentive to teaching’. Prime Minister David Cameron has also backed the award and recently praised the teachers from London, Devon and Glamorgan for their “tremendous achievement”.

Make sure you keep up to date with the award and sure you show your support to our British teachers!


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