Toddlers at risk of extremism

In her first policy announcement, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan has outlined plans to protect young children from extremism, following the ‘Trojan horse’ scandal in Birmingham’s schools.

Local authorities will have to use new powers to strip nurseries of their funding if they are used to “promote extremist views”, the BBC reports.

Nicky Morgan also announced that toddlers should be taught “fundamental British values in an age-appropriate way” to protect them from religious radicals. Teaching such young children these values is likely to include learning right from wrong, learning to take turns and share, and “challenging negative attitudes and stereotypes”.

The announcement follows the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot by Islamist radicals to take over some state schools in Birmingham. It involved primary and secondary schools, but this is the first warning that children as young as two might need protection.

Although at the moment no individual nurseries are believed to be at risk, the government fears that loopholes leave councils feeling powerless to cut off funding for nurseries they are concerned about. “After Birmingham, we feel it is important to be proactive,” a source said.

Following a consultation in September, the rules will come into force in the New Year. Ofsted will use new guidelines when it inspects nurseries.

The NUT’s Kevin Courtney commented: “It is disappointing that it is the notion of extremism which is the subject of the first major announcement of the new Secretary of State. Early years and school staff already teach children right from wrong”, he said. “Asking Ofsted to inspect how well nurseries are teaching “fundamental British values” does not appear to offer anything new for children and will concern all those who seek to promote community engagement.”

Do you think the new Education Secretary is right to warn about extremism in nurseries and that children as young as two need to be taught “fundamental British values”?

8 thoughts on “Toddlers at risk of extremism

  1. I’m sorry but am I not correct in thinking that the follow up inspections from Ofsted on the alleged Trojan schools failed to find anything? More hysteria and utter waste of tax payers money….
    What happened about the illegal Jewish Schools in London with no Safe Guarding in place???

  2. Absolutely laughable. They know it was a complete
    lie and yet they bank on the public’s short memory to continue
    that lie. Wake up! Fundamentals of education should be
    priority; with increasing meddling from our idiotic ministers of the
    likes of the Goves you can bet your bottom dollar,
    they’re not concerned with the education of the child
    but rather their so called radical parents. Pathetic.
    Government- get your own house in order before you
    try and clone the young into some robots of tomorrow.
    Sad, sad and pathetic !

  3. I don’t think that it is a waste of tax payers money. More money is wasted to repair the cultural and other damage in this country. The local authorities should only spend tax payers money for British based education.

    I have been working as a teacher and TA in various British schools. Originally I am Polish but I have lived in England for 25 years (my husband is British) and I support this country.

    I believe that people should follow/respect the fundamental rules of the society that they choose to live in, otherwise it is chaos. Personally, I am grateful that I have been accepted in the society that is not original to my birth and if I didn’t like here, I would go back home or somewhere else. I love my Polish roots and culture (and my British husband as well) but I try to implement it in a gentle way into our family life.

    I have noticed that there is a lot of help in place at British schools in order to help children from different countries to settle down here and to support their personal development. The school stuff also puts a lot of effort to help the parents, so they are able to understand their children’s’ education processes.

    It is good to teach children about different cultures and values in the world (including all) but to allow the schools to teach only extremism (Muslim or Jewish or Christian or anything else) is wrong and only confuses their young minds. They live in England but they might be thought to follow the rules and culture of Arab or African countries or Israel or others.

    All schools in Great Britain should have Safe Guarding in place.

  4. its time teachers stood up to this. it is clearly a zionist agenda to demonise not just islam but religion in general. the basic tenets of faith are the same across the religions. the pro-homosexual agenda and the pro-athiest agenda has destroyed moral values. the problem is that these are the people who rule. it is time to say NO to this without being called anti-semite, anti-equality or out of touch. the promotion of “fundamental british values” is anything-goes farce created yo destroy any moral or religious order. what are british values exactly? they never clarify ! and there are extremists in every religion so should we ban all religion? nd isnt total liberalism under the guise of “british values” extremism itself?

    human rights of parents are to bring children up with their values. they didnt choose to have children brought up with the values which the ruling elite WANTS to IMPOSE.

    well said Dan.. they are scaremongering in its extreme! why the unchallenged jewish schools? because they espouse the zionist elite beliefs so that’s othey impose these rules..but one by one they are exposed over the years as paedophiles, rapists, tax evaders and the most corrupt people on earth.

    time to say NO.

  5. This whole OFSTED preoccupation stinks ! Teachers are trained professionals (or at least ought to be ! ) , so why would they need some government apparatchik to peer over their shoulder to inspect their methods ?

    Besides, I don’t think it’s possible to make religious zealots out of infants ! They go home to their parents where the actual conditioning takes place !
    I think Morgan is trying to get in the spotlight . More Tory antics !!

  6. I think we should get back to good old fashioned teaching of values and showing children the benefit of an education and how to socialise with other children regardless of their culture. In my opinion there is too much emphasis on religion and which one is right and which one is wrong. It is a purely personal thing and we should all be able to worship whichever God we feel will serve us best and forget about having to prove which one is more powerful.

    We should learn to love our neighbour and respect each others opinions and values without prejudice and then perhaps we could all gt on better.

  7. Nurseries have always helped toddlers learn right from wrong and have helped young children start to learn to share. I cannot see anything new here; I also cannot see how any of these are ‘British’ values- they are moral values. (Which are the ‘illegal Jewish schools in London’ ?)

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