Turkey’s English Schools Take Off

40% increase in Turkish international schools since 2013

The number of English-speaking international schools in Turkey has increased by 40% since 2013, reports the Saudi Gazette.

Intelligence provider ISC Research published the data ahead of this year’s GESS Turkey education conference and exhibition, taking place at the WOW Istanbul Convention Centre from 25-27 October.

The figures show that there were 84 English-language, international schools in Turkey in 2013. This has risen to 118 this year, with the schools attended by approximately 69,600 pupils and 8,200 full-time teaching staff.

Sarah Palmer, marketing and conference director of Tarsus F&E LLC Middle East, organiser of GESS Turkey, acknowledged that the “steady growth of international schools in Turkey affirms the country’s rising appeal as a global education hub.”

The report explains that Turkey’s English-language, international schools are producing revenues of $662m (£474m) which derives from tuition fees.

Continued growth of international schools in the country will be contingent on the recruitment of top education professionals to fill roles, with demand increasing each year.

While local teachers make up the majority of teaching staff at international schools, ISC Research’s commercial director Diane Glass said most expatriate teachers are from North America (19% of the teaching population) and Britain (7%).

“The expatriate teachers and leaders who have experienced a wide range of education supplies in [their] past teaching jobs are particularly influential in identifying resources that would be beneficial in their classrooms,” Glass added.

Each year, thousands of Brits make the decision to move abroad to teach. Whether you’ve recently qualified or have been in the profession for years, getting a job in an international school can be incredibly rewarding, providing you with the opportunity to immerse yourself in an entirely new culture.

Whether Turkey ticks your boxes, Africa intrigues you or France tickles your fancy, be inspired by reading our location guides – and search for your dream job today.




Author: Rhys Howell


Rhys Howells’ expertise spans from marketing, communications, strategy and recruitment within the education sector. Currently the International Development Director at Eteach, Rhys has spent the last 5 years working side-by-side with leading schools in the UK and internationally to successfully enhance their recruitment strategies, save money and ensure great schools hire greatteachers.



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