UAE to open 17 international schools

Demand for English-speaking international schools in the UAE remains strong, with 17 institutions set to open during the 2018-2019 academic year, a report from ISC Research shows.

As The PIE News reports, Middle East international school numbers have increased by 1,159 in 2013 to 1,593 this year.

The UAE currently tops the tables for international schools, with 624 institutions (up from 596 in 2017). Saudi Arabia comes second on the list with 257, followed by Qatar with 166 international schools.

Of the 17 new international schools opening in the UAE this year, 13 will be located in Dubai.

Data from ISC Research revealed that there are approximately 1.51 million students who attend international schools in the region, with average annual fees of $7,658.

A study published last year by HSBC found the UAE charges the second highest school fees in the world behind Hong Kong; it costs around $99,378 to educate a child from primary through to university.

ISC Research’s schools director, Richard Gaskell, commented that the majority of demand for international schools in the Middle East is centred on mid-price schools that are “affordable to the majority of professional expatriates and more affluent local families.”

He continued: “The market in the Middle East, particularly in the UAE, continues to expand. ISC Research is aware of 17 new international schools opening for the 2018-2019 academic year in the UAE, 13 of which are located in Dubai.”

ISC’s report was published ahead of the IPSEF Middle East Forum in Dubai, taking place from 21-23 September.

ISPEF’s co-founder, Rhona Greenhill said: “The growth of the international schools’ market in the Middle East further confirms the role education plays in the development agenda of governments in the region.

“A number of initiatives have been set in place to enable private companies to establish local branches or independently set-up international schools and help support the growth of the education sector as a whole in this part of the world.”

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