UK needs cultural shift when it comes to attitudes about improving numeracy skills

The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education is calling for a cultural shift in the nation’s attitude to maths if poor numeracy skills among England’s adults are to be tackled.

It is felt that there needs to be a change in attitudes when it comes to having poor numeracy skills. At the moment, people have no hesitations about admitting that they are bad at maths and don’t feel that it is anything they should be embarrassed about. However, it is thought that by changing these attitudes and making people realise how important it is to have the basic required knowledge, it might help to improve people’s outlook and therefore improve their skills.

The government has said that addressing poor basic skills has become a top priority as research has shown that those who don’t have fundamental knowledge of the subject are far more likely to be out of work or stuck in low paid jobs.

Last year, a committee of MPs found that large numbers of England’s adult working population remained functionally illiterate or innumerate despite billions of pounds being thrown into the Skills for Life Programme.

Although a lot of measures have been taken in order to rectify this problem, it has been found that there has been far less progress when it has come to tackling numeracy compared to improving literacy among adults.

Do you think that The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education is right to want to change people’s attitudes towards maths? Perhaps children should be forced to focus more on this subject whilst they are still at school to prevent this problem? Let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “UK needs cultural shift when it comes to attitudes about improving numeracy skills

  1. If teaching Maths in schools was more about everyday Maths and not things the kids can’t relate to, they make have a better attitude to learning it. They can relate to reading and writing as they are using it in everyday life. Apart from the basics in Maths when do these children use it. Better teachers will help, with only those with a degree in the subject teaching it. Give children the chance to understand what they have just learnt by practise beofre going on to the next subject.

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