What the new school term costs parents

New research shows that parents spend £2 billion getting children ready for the new school year – and that’s just the beginning of the mind-boggling outlay once term begins!

Statistician Claus Moser said, ‘Education costs money, but then so does ignorance.’ and recent research definitely backs up the first part of the quote.

It costs parents an average of £177.28 to kit a child out with clothes, books, stationery and all the essentials and just over £1,500 in addition during the school year, The Independent reports.  The biggest expenses are school uniform at £39.49, school shoes at £26.39 and jackets and coats at £21.26.

Once term begins, the main costs are £6.97 for packed lunches, £5.25 for school dinners and £4.19 on bus or train fares. When you add up all the costs of having a child in school it comes to £38.81 every week per child – a staggering total of £446 million.

Do you struggle with the cost of sending your child, or children, back to school?





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