Why are so few women in education applying for the top roles abroad?

s2t_teacherWomen have broken through all kinds of barriers in the working world over the years; today’s modern workplace is a far cry from the sexist inequality of the past. The most common reasons for women not being able to pursue their career ambitions often came in the forms of discrimination, lack of confidence or family responsibilities. http://www.eteachblog.com/wp-includes/js/tinymce/plugins/wordpress/img/trans.gif

This now appears to be a thing of the past with women smashing through the ‘glass ceiling’ in all different sectors and professions, however within international education, The Guardian reports that leadership positions are still heavily male dominated.

Perhaps female teachers tend to prioritise motherhood over career progression? Recent research carried out by the NASUWT teachers union show that 67% of women in Education put family planning in front of their career.

However, data from the Training and Development Agency for Schools (TDA) in 2011 has disproved this theory, as the number of female head teachers in the UK have increased by 35% in the past decade. So why aren’t these female headteachers applying to the top education roles internationally?

Teaching abroad offers all kinds of opportunities, from faster career progression opportunities to being able to travel extensively; working abroad surely sounds like an ideal opportunity? Moving your whole life to a foreign country, can arguably be daunting however this doesn’t seem to be holding back the 80,000 British teachers now teaching abroad reports the ISC. Then why aren’t more female headteachers taking up the opportunity to lead schools abroad?

If you are a female head teacher or an aspiring one, or perhaps just have an opinion on the matter (!) please share your views with the eteach community!

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