Young children worry about getting fat

Boys are obsessed with their body image and as a result have little confidence in their physical appearance, The Independent reports.

The new ATL survey of children’s attitudes shows that children as young as four are worried about becoming fat. More than half of the 700 teachers felt that boys, like girls, are unduly sensitive about how they look. One teacher told the researchers: “I work with four to five year-olds and some say things like ‘I can’t eat cheese, it will make me fat’.” 63% of respondents said there is now more pressure on young people to have a particular body image than ten years ago.

The celebrities their pupils would most like to resemble were headed by RnB singer Rihanna at 57%, Cheryl Cole at 50%,Harry Styles of One Direction at 40%, with David Beckham trailing at just 36%.

Both the ATL and the NUT are debating the effects of body image pressures on pupils at their conferences. A motion before NUT delegates expresses deep concern at the rise of ’raunch culture’ “Playboy bunnies adorn children’s pencil cases, pole dancing is sold as an ‘empowering’ form of exercise and the ‘beauty pageants’ of old have become a staple diet of student life,” it states.

Are you aware of boys being obsessed with their body image? What should be done about it?

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