Young teachers feel undervalued and overworked

Young teachers say they don’t feel valued and respected by the Government, according to a survey released at the NASUWT’s conference for teachers under the age of 30.

The survey paints a grim picture of young teachers’ views about their profession:

  • 97%  feel that the government doesn’t understand the day-to-day realities of teaching
  • 83% feel the government rarely or never respects and values teachers
  • 45% said excessive workload is their main concern
  • one in five worry about job security
  • almost 25% are rarely or never able to access professional development and training

Other concerns were bullying, harassment and poor pupil behaviour, the Evening Standard reports. NASUWT’s Chris Keates said that: “…their professional effectiveness is being undermined as a result of the government’s cuts to education and the damaging impact of the accountability regime.”

Do you agree with the young teachers’ views?




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